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Camel with Ton Scherpenzeel

Ton with Camel, 1984

Ton with Camel, 2014
Camel is a British progressive rockband, whose debut album was released in 1973. Just like Kayak, Camel has seen band members come and go. But there is one constant factor in the band: singer/guitarist/flautist/composer Andrew (Andy) Latimer.

Around 1978, Kayak and Camel both had Janus Records as their American record company. Thus, Andy Latimer got to know Kayak's music. In 1983 he asked Ton Scherpenzeel to join Camel. Ton played on three studio albums: Stationary Traveller (1984), Dust And Dreams (1991), and Rajaz (1999). The album Stationary Traveller features one track that Ton wrote: a short instrumental called 'After Words'.

Ton can also be heard on the live album 'Pressure Points'. He played two tours with Camel: Europe 1984 and the farewell tour of 2003 (which turned out to be a 'farewell' for just 10 years...). And in 2014, he hastily stepped in for a European tour, when Camel keyboardist Guy LeBlanc was unable to perform due to illness. Ton is also part of Camel on their upcoming European tour.
Camel 2014: Jason Hart, Colin Bass, Denis Clement, Andy Latimer, Ton Scherpenzeel
Though it was a strange experience for Ton not to be the 'leader' of the band, and just play other people's compositions, he has always stated that he is very proud that he belongs to the Camel family! And it also lead to a collaboration with Camel singer Chris Rainbow on Ton's solo album 'Heart Of The Universe'. An album to which Andy Latimer also made a contribution.
Camel discography with Ton Scherpenzeel
Camel Tourbook 1984
In 2000, Kayak released the CD 'Close To The Fire'. On the track 'Full Circle', the guitar solo was played by Andy Latimer.
2003: Andy Latimer, wearing a Kayak t-shirt on stage
Live in 1984

Paradiso Amsterdam, 2003 Farewell Tour

Paradiso Amsterdam, 2014 'Retirement Sucks'-Tour

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