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Pim Koopman

Pim Koopman was very active after he left Kayak. Of course he had his own bands Diesel and The President, but he also was a fulltime producer for other artists. The list is endless, here is a completely random selection to give you an idea... Want to see more? Check the new website!
Michael Robinson: Table For One (CD, 1998, produced and co-arranged by Pim)

Vitesse: Rosalyn (single, 1982). One of Vitesse's biggest hits (nr. 16 in Holland), produced by Pim. Also featured on LP "Incomplete Works And Other Hits", partly produced by Pim.
The Clarks: Back To The Future - History Mix/Tell Me Where To Find You (single, 1990, co-produced with 'teammate' Jeroen Englebert, b-side written by Pim and Jeroen)

Lucy Steymel: Three's A Charm (LP, 1982, produced/arranged. Including the singles "I Love You's",  "Hitch Hiker" and "You're Breakin My Heart Woman")
Sandy Coast: The Eyes Of Jenny/It's My Time Now (single, 1980, produced/arranged). Reached nr. 15 in Holland.
Jimmy Soulier: First Sight (single, 1985, produced)

Pussycat: Blue Lights (LP, 1981, produced and arranged, includes the singles "Teenage Queenie" (nr. 33 in Holland) and "Une Chambre Pour La Nuit" (nr. 16))
Pussycat: Light Of A Gyspy (single, 1984. Produced by Pim)
Powerplay: One Summernight/You're So Special (single, 1985, produced)

Flavium: Nobody Knows You When You're.../You Just Closed The Door (single, 1981, produced). No Kiddin' (LP, 1979, produced and arranged by Pim).
Patricia Paay: A Dime A Dance/Out In The City, and Saturday Nights (singles, 1981, produced and arranged)

Partner: Throw It All Away/A Song May Tell (single, 1979), Running Around/I'll Be Waiting For Your Love (single, 1979), On Second Thoughts (LP, 1979), Get It Right/The Sky Is The Limit (single, 1980). All produced by Pim.
Hansje: Automobile (single, 1979, producer/arranger)
Alides Hidding: Hollywood Seven (single, 1980, produced), Time Bandits (feat. Alides Hidding): I'm Specialized In You (single, 1982, produced), How Does It Feel (single, 1983, produced). 'Specialized in You' got to nr. 2 in Holland, 'Hollywood Seven' reached nr. 26.
Sugar Lee Hooper: Toeters & Bellen (CD, 1996, produced, co-wrote 11 songs)
Valensia: Valensia (CD, 1993, producer/arranger, percussion, backing vocals). The single 'Gaia'reached nr. 2 in Holland!

José: I Will Follow Him/If I Could Be Near You (single, 1982, reached nr. 1 in Holland and Belgium! Pim produced and arranged the single, and also wrote the b-side), The Good Times/Say No More (single, 1982, producer/arranger, wrote b-side), Time Goes By/Lonely Without You (single, 1984, producer/arranger, wrote b-side)
Robby Valentine: The Magic Infinity (CD, 1993, produced, played some percussion and piano). The singles 'Megaman' and 'No Turning Back ' became hits in Holland.


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