maandag 11 oktober 2010


One of Pim Koopman's first projects after leaving Kayak, was Diesel. In Diesel, Pim wrote and arranged songs, played various instruments, and was their producer and arranger. Of course, one other member of Diesel was Rob Vunderink. Pim and Rob had already worked together as Concrete, and in later years, Rob would join Kayak.
Diesel's first album, "Watts In A Tank" was an unexpected success in Italy, Canada and the USA. The single "Sausalito Summernight" made it to nr. 1 in the Canadian charts, and also reached the USA top 50. Other singles like "Down In The Silvermine" and "Goin' Back To China" were hits in Holland.

Pim Koopman left just after the release of the debut album (and before a real USA-tour!). Diesel released a second album ("Unleaded"), but the members of the band would rather forget about that one. Diesel members came and went, and in later years they only released some non-album singles, with Pim involved every now and then. And a line-up with Pim and Rob played live on some occasions in 2007.
On you can find the complete story of Diesel!

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