zaterdag 25 februari 2012

Edward Reekers

Don't ever think that you have collected each and every note that Edward Reekers ever recorded. His voice can be heard on Kayak's and his own albums. But you can also hear him on many other people's songs, in cartoons, jingles, commercials, etc.. Impossible as it is to give you a complete overview, here are some rarities in which Edward was in some way involved...

In 1981, Dutch band Swan had Edward as one of the two lead singers (the other one was a girl called Joan Clauson). Also in this band: Okkie Huysdens, who worked with Pim Koopman in The President. As far as I know, Swan released only one LP: From Swan With Love.

In 2003, Edward worked on a CD that was a bonus with a Dutch Book: "The Brendan Notes" by Rob van der Linden and Gert Jan Sterk. Edward can be heard in 4 of the 18 tracks on the CD.

In 1991, Edward sang a duet with Sandra Reemer: 'Listen To The Flowers' was the title track of a CD which was dedicated to the "Floriade" flower exhibition.

Edward often lent his voice to commercials. Flowers, chocolates, sweets, you name it. In Germany, the Langnese company hired him to do a commercial for their icecream. The song "So Schmeckt Der Sommer" was released as a single in 2005, and even became a hit in Germany. The CD-single also has an English version: "The Taste Of Summer". Inspired by the success, they recorded a winter-version in 2006: "So Schmilzt Der Winter".

The series "Luister En Leer" ("Listen And Learn") was meant for children in the age of 3-6 years. With themes such as 'wild animals', 'the farm' and 'pets', the simple songs and stories tought them about animals, but also helped them with counting. Edward was the producer of the voices on the CD's, and sang the songs together with Gaby Kaihatu.

Tiger: I Can't Stop Loving You (single, 1982, written by Edward)

Maribelle: Ik Hou Van Jou / Maar Vanavond (single, 1984, b-side written by Edward)

The Cats: I'll Find My Way Back To You (single b-side, 1985, co-written by Edward)


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