donderdag 17 januari 2013

Ton (and many others) on 'Charles Darwin'

If memory serves me right, I think Ton Scherpenzeel already said something about it back in 2010, but the actual album was released in 2012: 'Charles Darwin' by French outfit XII Alfonso. This 3-CD album about... indeed, Charles Darwin features Ton on keyboards in the track 'Mysterious Illness'.

To call the Darwin-project ambitious would be an understatement; the sax in 'Mysterious Illness' is played by John Helliwell, of Supertramp-fame. But Ton and John are just two of an impressive list of guest artists. To give you an impression:

Maggie Reilly (singer with Mike Oldfield), Tim Renwick (Pink Floyd 'in concert'-guitarist), Mickey Simmonds (Fish a.o.), Ian Bairnson (guitar) and David Paton (bass) from The Alan Parsons Project, and Francis Dunnery (ex- It Bites). And many more... Not bad, eh?

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