donderdag 10 juni 2010

Ton Scherpenzeel projects

Outside Kayak, Ton Scherpenzeel did not do that much in the rock/pop world. At least, not if you compare him to Pim Koopman. Of course, Ton played in Camel and Earth & Fire. But as a producer and writer, his focus was more on theatre productions (about which I may talk at a later date). Still, if you try hard, there are some -rather obscure- recordings to be found. Here are some examples...

Penny's Twisted Flavour: Sketches (CD, 2010). Ton plays the keyboard solo in the track 'A Way Out'.

In 2002, singer Anna Konings released an album called 'Wojtus - Songs Of Death, Hope And Love'. The album's theme is the loss of a child. Ton wrote the music for the track 'Isolement', and arranged or co-arranged a couple of songs.

As you can read in the 'Bert Veldkamp'-section, Ton produced the single "Portugal" by Frontpage. He did this together with Johan Slager, under the nicknames 'T. and J. Sands'.

Keller Bros.: Margarita/Blue Skies Of Love (single, 1989). Both songs written by Ton and Irene, co-produced by Ton.

In 1979, Ton produced the LP Holy Cat for Dutch band Sfinx. Three years later, Sfinx-vocalist John Philippo joined Ton in the band Europe.

David Ireland was an English singer/songwriter. He co-wrote the Kayaksong 'May'. In 1978, David released the single Zoo Games/Nuclear Love. Both tracks were produced by Ton, who also wrote the music for the a-side.

Red Next: How Many More Nights/Memories (single, 1986). The a-side was written by Ton and Irene. The b-side was written by Ton and René Nodelijk. Produced by Bert Ruiter (who played with Ton in Earth & Fire).

Yam: Magic (single, 1984?). The a-side was written by Ton and Irene. Produced by Ton and Bert Ruiter.

Yonne Heim: Do I (single, 1983). Written by Ton, produced by Kayak-producer Gerrit-Jan Leenders.

Youp van 't Hek and Nico Dinkgreve: Altijd Zaterdag (track on charity-CD 'Carrésterren Zingen Voor Kika', 2009). Music by Ton.

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  1. Zoo Games and Nuclear Love featured the entire Kayak line-up from that era, making David Ireland's single quite unique: Kayak with David as vocalist. The tracks were recorded at a studio in Loenedaal on a hot day. Contact David at