maandag 31 mei 2010

Bert Veldkamp

Before and after his time with Kayak, Bert Veldkamp played in several bands. As far as I know, his career started in 1965, as bassplayer of The Humps. In 1973 this band had changed their name to Zoo, and released an LP. After that, Bert went on to play in a band called Kangaroo. He joined Kayak at the end of 1974, and left in 1977.

Around 1981, he was the bassplayer in a line-up of the famous Dutch band Ekseption. That line-up also featured Max Werner and Johan Slager (see my Max Werner weblog for pictures).

In 1982, he was in a band called Frontpage. Bert co-wrote the single "Portugal"/"Went Down", which was produced by a couple called T. and J. Sands. These were in fact Ton Scherpenzeel and Johan Slager ("Sands" probably stands for "Scherpenzeel and Slager"). The three of them went on to form Europe.

Bert re-joined Kayak in 1999, but left in 2005.

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